Beyond the Ordinary

From elan Magazine
by: Donna Cedar-Southworth

ElanClients of Plant-a-Plant Landscaping Company come back to President and CEO Lisbeth Prins and say they are amazed because "there's always something happening" in their gardens regardless of the season. They also tell Lisbeth they are pleased because she actually "listened" to what they had requested. "We perform a site analysis to look at drainage, topography, views to enhance, areas to screen for wind, etc." she says. "Those are some of the things we look at prior to the design process, so we create a design that works--it's one thing to draw up a beautiful design, but whether it really works on the site is another story altogether."

Creating outdoor living spaces is no mere trend for Lisbeth. After 22 years in business, she's still serving many of her original customers and expanding her venture all the while. She earned degrees in botany, concentrating in plant cloning, and landscape design from George Washington University. After working at the Botanic Gardens and two nurseries, she formed her own company.

With three landscape designers, 24 employees and several contractors she's used for 18 years, Lisbeth says her company "reaches beyond the ordinary....We do what we say we're going to do, we do it right the first time, and we design gardens and outdoor living spaces to create pleasing views from inside the home as well as outside."

Plant-a-Plant grows 75 percent of its shrubs and perennials in its own nurseries and greenhouses in Aldie. Additionally, they maintain display gardens on site so customers can see how plants will actually look. Jobs range from $6,000 to several hundred thousand dollars, but part of each contract stipulates that clients agree they have an understanding of the maintenance involved after the job is done. "We want clients to understand that after we leave, there is something live to take care of." If they wish, they can hire the company's maintenance team. These principles reflects Lisbeth's love of plants and her commitment to see them thrive and flourish, long after her company has finished a job.

Recipients of 23 Keep Virginia Beautiful Landscape Excellent Awards, the National Landscape Association Design Award for Residential Landscape and the Landscape Contactors Award for Residential Landscaping, Plant-a-Plant employees pride themselves in "listening to their clients, " and through individualized landscaping, turning someone's house into their home.


  • Complete design/build services
  • Full service bed maintenance
  • Outdoor living rooms
  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Retaining walls
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Fire pits and fireplaces
  • Pergolas and outdoor structures
  • Koi ponds and pondless waterfalls

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